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Tooth Restoration vs. Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

With the right restorative dentistry treatment, your tooth can successfully recover from most issues such as a crack, fracture, progressive cavity, and more. However, when you have several teeth that need to be restored, or your compromised tooth is coupled with bite misalignment or other issues, then you may require more than a single restoration…. Read more »

Does Your Tooth Filling Feel Like It Doesn’t Fit?

If you’re an adult and you’ve had at least one cavity in your life, then you are among the over 90% of the adult population in America that has also been affected by tooth decay. If caught early, tooth decay can typically be treated and stopped before it causes irreversible damage, and the most common… Read more »

Busting Myths About Root Canal Therapy

Tooth decay is a progressive disease, and how you treat it depends on how much it’s progressed by the time you detect it. As one of the more involved forms of tooth decay treatment, root canal therapy is often the last resort to save your tooth from the destruction of severe tooth decay. However, the… Read more »

A Brief Look at Modern Tooth Fillings

Tooth fillings are among the most widely-recognized dental treatments, and have been for centuries. However, today’s tooth fillings look, act, and protect teeth much better than they used to, and they can serve the dual purposes of restoring a cavity-stricken tooth while improving its overall appearance. While most people may have to deal with a… Read more »

How Dental Crowns Prevent Further Dental Trouble

If your tooth cracks or fractures, or if it develops a cavity and needs a filling or root canal treatment, then you may need a dental crown to restore it. A dental crown is a manmade replica of the top portion of your tooth, or the natural crown, and caps the tooth to protect it… Read more »

Designing Your Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

The term, “full-mouth rehabilitation,” can seem like a complex procedure, but the truth is that everyone’s treatment plan is different. Depending on your needs, rehabilitating your smile can be as simple as treating a cavity, or as comprehensive as replacing lost teeth and their roots. The goal of full-mouth rehabilitation is to return your smile… Read more »

Dental Restorations that Improve Your Smile’s Appearance!

When one or more of your teeth develops a cavity, becomes worn down, or suffers a fracture or break, the most important concern is to repair the damage. That’s the point of restorative dentistry, but with today’s advanced materials and dental technology, your dental restoration can also improve your smile’s appearance significantly. From tooth-colored fillings… Read more »

What Are Inlays and Onlays (i.e., Partial Crowns)?

When a tooth is cracked, fractured, or afflicted with an especially large cavity, a dental crown is often needed to protect the tooth and restore its ability to function properly. Sometimes, however, a dental crown may be more than your tooth’s damage calls for. Since placing a dental crown requires that your dentist modify the… Read more »

What You Should Know About Tooth Loss

Knowing the pros and cons of your teeth replacement options can help you choose a set of replacement teeth that most closely mimics your natural ones. Dental implants, which are small prosthetic roots that are surgically inserted into the jawbone, are the only devices that can replace the roots of missing teeth, no matter how… Read more »

Could Your Tooth Use a Dental Crown?

Your teeth are strong (in fact, they’re the strongest parts of your body), but they can sustain damage or become infected with tooth decay under the right circumstances. Because they are not impervious, compromised teeth often rely on the protective strength of a dental crown to continue functioning properly. There are several reasons why your… Read more »