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The Less Visible Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dealing with cavities isn’t necessarily tricky, but it can mean different things depending on several specific factors. For example, you can prevent cavities from ever developing with consistently good hygiene and preventive care. Or, you can detect and treat one before it even becomes obvious by detecting it early with advanced DIAGNOdent imaging. If a… Read more »

When Smile Improvement Requires Full Reconstruction

If you have multiple concerns with your smile, then it isn’t advisable to just focus on one and ignore the rest. For example, if you have one tooth that’s chipped or fractured, another that’s infected with decay, and several more that are out of alignment, then each issue could be equally threatening to your overall… Read more »

Does Your Tooth Need a Full or Partial Crown?

When a tooth is cosmetically blemished, structurally damaged, or made slightly weaker by root canal therapy, a dental crown is often the most appropriate restoration for it. A custom-made crown can completely cap the tooth in question, revitalizing its appearance as well as fortifying and strengthening its healthy, natural structure. Today, however, not every dental… Read more »

Can Tooth Fillings Fail?

When you experience a cavity, the whole point of filling it is to prevent the cavity from growing and your tooth from becoming more compromised. If your filling fails to accomplish its purpose, then your tooth can end up in a worse condition than before. Historically, failed fillings occurred most commonly because of the materials… Read more »

3 Things to Do when Your Tooth Cracks

A cracked or fractured tooth is a common dental emergency, but it isn’t always an obvious one. For example, some teeth become fractured due to accidental trauma, which is typically noticeable, while others may crack under continuous, excessive pressure (such as bruxism). When patients in Syosset, NY, experience a cracked or fractured tooth, then the… Read more »

What Will It Take to Rehabilitate Your Smile?

Restoring your smile is generally a much simpler and more effective process these days thanks to innovative dental technologies and materials. This is especially good news for patients in Syosset, NY, who have several different dental health issues to deal with. Full-mouth rehabilitation is the process of developing a customized plan that takes all of… Read more »

What Advantages Do Modern Tooth Fillings Offer?

No matter how advanced dental treatments have become, there are still several common concerns that often threaten people’s smiles. Cavities, which are the result of bacteria infecting healthy tooth structure (known as tooth decay), are the most frequent of such concerns. They’re highly preventable with consistently excellent hygiene and regular preventive dental car, but it… Read more »

How Partial Crowns Fully Restore Teeth

Preventing dental diseases typically means effectively preventing oral bacteria from harming your teeth and periodontal tissues. However, even clean and healthy teeth are not indestructible, and when your tooth cracks or breaks, then preventing further damage requires restoring the tooth as soon as possible. It also requires preserving and protecting the healthy tooth structure that… Read more »

How Do You Fix a Broken Tooth?

When you take consistently good care of your teeth, they remain the strongest parts of your body. Covered by highly resilient tooth enamel – an incredibly strong layer of mineral crystals – healthy teeth can withstand an immense amount of bite pressure repeatedly every day. However, in many types of dental emergencies, a tooth may… Read more »

How Modern Fillings Mirror Dentistry’s Advancement

As much as dental technology and treatments have advanced over the years, the specifics of treating most dental conditions are still the same. For instance, if a cavity forms, then removing the bacteria and replacing the infected tooth structure is still the best way to treat it. However, modern dentistry now allows your dentist to… Read more »