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Why You Can Look Forward to Your Tooth Filling

When you have a cavity, treating is as soon as possible is important for many reasons. For example, the sooner you treat it, the sooner you can relieve the toothache that it causes so you can enjoy your food and beverages comfortably again. Treating a cavity early also allows you to keep the treatment minimal,… Read more »

Choosing Between a Partial or Full Dental Crown

Not too long ago, choosing a dental crown and the material that it should be made from were the biggest choices in restoring a compromised tooth. As a complete restoration that caps and protects all of your tooth’s crown structure, a traditional full dental crown can be the best solution for a wide range of… Read more »

Are You a Good Candidate for Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?

The good thing about most modern dental health treatments is that they’re designed to help you address virtually any oral health concern with optimal efficiency. If you have a cavity, your restorative treatment can include removing the decay from your tooth with enhanced precision and preserving a maximum amount of the tooth’s healthy structure. However,… Read more »

When Does Root Canal Treatment Become Necessary?

Root canal treatment isn’t always the preferred option for treating tooth decay. In fact, the condition is more often addressed with a more conservative tooth filling, before root canal treatment ever becomes necessary. However, when tooth decay becomes severe, a tooth filling may not be enough to treat the infection inside of your tooth’s pulp… Read more »

Things to Think About Before Getting Your Dental Crown

Even in the most advanced forms of dentistry, many of the concepts that guide treatment have been around for centuries. For example, restoring teeth with dental crowns is one of the most traditional forms of restorative dentistry. A dental crown is a custom-designed restoration that’s crafted to match a tooth’s size, shape, contour, and appearance…. Read more »

The Difference Between Needing a Filling and a Root Canal

Tooth decay can occur at any stage in your life, and treating it is a common concern for most patients. Yet, exactly how you treat tooth decay depends on several different factors, and the success of your treatment relies heavily on customizing it to address your specific needs. For example, both tooth fillings and root… Read more »

The Art of Reconstructing Your Whole Smile

In many ways, restoring your smile from any issue that compromises it is a rehabilitative process. Whether your dentist is removing an infection from your tooth or fortifying a part of a tooth’s damaged structure, the goal is to help you regain your good oral health and the full, proper function of your bite. With… Read more »

The Less Visible Benefits of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dealing with cavities isn’t necessarily tricky, but it can mean different things depending on several specific factors. For example, you can prevent cavities from ever developing with consistently good hygiene and preventive care. Or, you can detect and treat one before it even becomes obvious by detecting it early with advanced DIAGNOdent imaging. If a… Read more »

When Smile Improvement Requires Full Reconstruction

If you have multiple concerns with your smile, then it isn’t advisable to just focus on one and ignore the rest. For example, if you have one tooth that’s chipped or fractured, another that’s infected with decay, and several more that are out of alignment, then each issue could be equally threatening to your overall… Read more »

Does Your Tooth Need a Full or Partial Crown?

When a tooth is cosmetically blemished, structurally damaged, or made slightly weaker by root canal therapy, a dental crown is often the most appropriate restoration for it. A custom-made crown can completely cap the tooth in question, revitalizing its appearance as well as fortifying and strengthening its healthy, natural structure. Today, however, not every dental… Read more »