Month: August 2020

When Chronic Headaches Are an Oral Health Problem

If you developed a chronic ache or recurring pain in any other part of your body, it would probably alarm you enough to visit your doctor or dentist about. Yet, when many people experience a headache, its specific cause doesn’t always seem to matter much. Given the severity of the headache, the only thing that… Read more »

What Gum Disease Can Do if Given Enough Time

The thing about most dental health concerns is that all they need in order to get worse is time. That’s why preventing or seeking prompt treatment for any dental problem is essential to keeping your smile healthy long-term. With gum disease, however, the consequences of becoming severe over time can have implications far beyond the… Read more »

Different Ways Tooth Loss Impacts Your Oral Health

The complicated thing about some oral health concerns is that the specific threats they pose aren’t always immediately obvious, or even noticeable. For example, when you develop gum disease, the condition mainly affects your gum tissues, and symptoms mostly develop in these tissues. Yet, the consequences can affect much more of your oral health, making… Read more »

Why You Can Look Forward to Your Tooth Filling

When you have a cavity, treating is as soon as possible is important for many reasons. For example, the sooner you treat it, the sooner you can relieve the toothache that it causes so you can enjoy your food and beverages comfortably again. Treating a cavity early also allows you to keep the treatment minimal,… Read more »