Month: January 2020

Do You Snore, or Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

If you snore a lot, the impact it can have on your health and wellbeing depends on several different factors. For example, how often and how deeply you snore could determine whether your habit can have an impact on your overall cardiovascular health. In some cases, it might also be an indication of something much… Read more »

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Is Your Tooth Cracked? It Might Be More Serious than You Think

Some issues that can affect your teeth don’t seem serious, even though they are. Others are obviously a significant threat, yet patients may still hesitate to address them, allowing them to grow much more serious than you expect by the time they do seek treatment. Cracked/fractured teeth are a common type of the latter. Even… Read more »

The Difference Between Needing a Filling and a Root Canal

Tooth decay can occur at any stage in your life, and treating it is a common concern for most patients. Yet, exactly how you treat tooth decay depends on several different factors, and the success of your treatment relies heavily on customizing it to address your specific needs. For example, both tooth fillings and root… Read more »

Do Your Gums Bleed? It May Mean More than You Think

Taking good care of your smile is often simple, but requires careful attention and a high level of consistency. For example, it only takes a small slip in your dental hygiene routine for oral bacteria to cause harm to your teeth and/or gums. If they do, the earliest signs of trouble may not always be… Read more »