Month: July 2020

Choosing Between a Partial or Full Dental Crown

Not too long ago, choosing a dental crown and the material that it should be made from were the biggest choices in restoring a compromised tooth. As a complete restoration that caps and protects all of your tooth’s crown structure, a traditional full dental crown can be the best solution for a wide range of… Read more »

Fixing a Tooth Conservatively with Tooth Bonding

A tooth that’s been damaged in any way can become a serious problem for your oral health, even if the damage seems minor at first. That’s why fixing a damaged tooth as soon as possible is always the preferable way to deal with it. Yet, the goal of your treatment isn’t just to fix the… Read more »

A Few Advantages to Treating Sleep Apnea with an Appliance

When you have obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, the impacts to your sleep quality and your overall quality of life can vary greatly. This is partly why knowing that you have OSA can sometimes be difficult without a professional sleep test and assessment. However, the good news for many patients with sleep apnea is that… Read more »

Are You Negating Your Own Dental Hygiene Efforts?

Practicing good dental hygiene every day is one of the most important factors in preserving your healthy smile for life. Yet, it isn’t all there is to protecting your teeth and smile from things that could negatively affect them later. For example, the point of good dental hygiene is largely to prevent issues from occurring… Read more »

What It Means When a Tooth Is Compromised

It isn’t just your teeth and smile that are unique to you alone. The things that could potentially threaten your smile and oral health can be, as well, which is why the most successful dental treatments are those that address your specific oral health concern in a highly personalized fashion. For example, a healthy, natural… Read more »