Month: September 2016

What Tooth Bonding Can Do

Cosmetic tooth bonding is a conservative way to improve your smile without altering your healthy tooth structure. The material for bonding is known as composite resin, and is a mixture of biocompatible acrylic particles with a lifelike texture and appearance. The resin can be tinted to match your tooth’s unique color, bonded securely to the… Read more »

Can a Smile Makeover Improve Your Life?

The term, “makeover,” can make comprehensive smile improvement seem like a purely cosmetic issue; a luxury, perhaps, but not a particular necessity.  For the most part, smile makeovers consist mostly of cosmetic dental treatments, but the benefits of improving your confidence go far beyond your immediate appearance. The benefits of consistent, confident smiling have been… Read more »

How Good is Your Dental Hygiene?

You’re probably a veteran at brushing and flossing your teeth, having done it every day for most of your life. Like all acquired skills, though, an occasional refresher course can help sharpen your teeth brushing abilities. If you think your childhood lessons at the sink were enough, then consider the fact that over 90% of… Read more »

Am I a Candidate for Porcelain Veneers?

Cosmetic smile improvement has advanced greatly over the years, with porcelain veneers largely leading the pack of lifelike cosmetic enhancements. The wafer-thin, custom-designed shells are made from highly realistic dental porcelain, and are hand-crafted to closely mimic the size, shape, and appearance of your tooth. Because they’re bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth,… Read more »