Month: April 2020

Relieving Tooth Sensitivity When It’s Minor

When a tooth hurts severely, the only way to relieve it is often to seek professional dental treatment. However, for many people, minor tooth sensitivity can be an early indication that their at-home dental care routines can use some improvement. If addressed early enough, some minor cases of tooth sensitivity might be relieved and reversed… Read more »

How to Make Your Teeth Even Stronger

Good dental hygiene is such a well-known staple of maintaining good dental health that most people already recognize its importance. However, some people also believe that all they need is a good hygiene routine to properly protect their teeth, even if they aren’t always exactly consistent with it. The truth is that your teeth have… Read more »

Could Your Dental Hygiene Be More Effective?

Practicing dental hygiene can sometimes feel like homework. Your task is to brush and floss your teeth every day, and your dentist will grade your efforts the next time you visit. In the meantime, however, that feeling can cause many people to take their hygiene routines less seriously than they should. The goal isn’t to… Read more »