Month: August 2018

Why Adults Are Just as At-Risk for Cavities as Children

While cavities are the most common dental condition for patients of all ages, they’re more often associated with children’s dental health. Being less adept at maintaining good hygiene every day and more likely to indulge on sugary and highly acidic treats, children sometimes can be at a higher risk for cavity development. However, many adult… Read more »

How Partial Crowns Fully Restore Teeth

Preventing dental diseases typically means effectively preventing oral bacteria from harming your teeth and periodontal tissues. However, even clean and healthy teeth are not indestructible, and when your tooth cracks or breaks, then preventing further damage requires restoring the tooth as soon as possible. It also requires preserving and protecting the healthy tooth structure that… Read more »

How Do You Fix a Broken Tooth?

When you take consistently good care of your teeth, they remain the strongest parts of your body. Covered by highly resilient tooth enamel – an incredibly strong layer of mineral crystals – healthy teeth can withstand an immense amount of bite pressure repeatedly every day. However, in many types of dental emergencies, a tooth may… Read more »

Why You Need Your Dentist’s Help to Treat Your Toothache

Toothaches are common, and in many cases, the right home remedy can help you find temporary relief from one. However, those remedies are rarely effective in the long-term, and after a while, your toothache is likely to come back. That’s because toothaches are usually caused by some other underlying condition, and to relieve it, your… Read more »