Month: October 2012

Help Syosset Dental and Island Harvest End Hunger on Long Island!

This season, Syosset Dental is working with Island Harvest to collect food for at-risk Long Islanders.  You can help by donating canned and packaged goods to our office food drive box by Monday, November 19, 2012. Island Harvest will distribute your donations to one or several local food pantries, soup kitchens, or other food programs in… Read more »

Syosset Dentist Explains What an Apple a Day Means for Your Teeth

Chances are, there a lot of people who could tell you what an apple a day does for you, according to the old saying. Aside from keeping the doctor away, however, apples have a complicated relationship with your oral health, and possess properties that can be both helpful and harmful to your teeth. Your Syosset… Read more »

Syosset Dentist Explains How Your Sinuses Can Hurt Your Teeth

A toothache, or tooth sensitivity, can indicate a number of different dental maladies. Decaying teeth are often sensitive, as well as cracked or broken teeth that leave the pulp exposed. Although small, your teeth can become an incredible hindrance when they are disturbed. In fact, nearly 25% of adults in America admit to having taken… Read more »

Syosset Dentist Asks: Are Your Teeth Afraid of Heights?

There are many factors in today’s world that pose dangers to teeth that our forefather’s may never have guessed. For instance, for quite some time, tobacco was not thought to have any negative health effects at all, and yet as common as it is today, the bad habit is a leading cause of one of… Read more »

An Innovative Approach to Battling Gum Disease

With the influx of studies and research that highlight a connection between your mouth and the rest of your body, battling serious oral health conditions has become quite an important endeavor. Scientists around the world are hard at work investigating risks, causes, cures, and treatments for such maladies as tooth decay and gum disease. In… Read more »