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Things that Make Bruxism a Serious Problem

Grinding your teeth too often can be a serious problem, but for many people who do it, it might not be obvious at first. Known as bruxism, the constant and subconscious habit of grinding teeth together affects millions of people of all ages, many of whom aren’t aware of it until their dentists officially diagnose… Read more »

Warning Signs that You Grind Your Teeth Too Much

You may have never worried about grinding your teeth before, but then you heard about bruxism and began to think that maybe you should worry. Fortunately, that’s not necessarily the case. Not every instance of clenched teeth is a sign of bruxism, and not every instance of bruxism is immediately noticeable. However, that doesn’t mean… Read more »

Why Are Your Teeth Wearing Down?

Of the many things that can threaten the health and integrity of your teeth, such as tooth decay, many patients don’t realize that some conditions can make their teeth dangers to themselves. For instance, if you have bruxism (constant teeth-grinding), then you may notice that the surfaces of your teeth seem to be wearing down… Read more »

Why You Should Address Bruxism Quickly

When you think of preventive dentistry, your most obvious concern may be preventing oral bacteria from overwhelming your teeth and causing cavities or gum disease. However, bacteria-related issues aren’t the only threats to your smile, which is why maintaining a schedule of preventive cleanings and exams is vital to good oral health. During your visits,… Read more »

The Best Ways to Prevent Bruxism

Bruxism isn’t like cavities or gum disease; there’s no guaranteed hygiene routine to prevent it from occurring. That’s because bruxism, or constant teeth-grinding, can result from a number of issues that don’t always relate to your ongoing dental hygiene. For instance, if you experience excessive stress in your daily life, or if your teeth and/or… Read more »

When Grinding Your Teeth Becomes a Headache

There are almost countless potential reasons behind a common headache, but when the pain frequently comes back, then the underlying problem may be more serious than you realize at first. For instance, patients with bruxism can experience chronic headaches and migraines due to the pressure of constantly grinding their teeth. If you suffer from recurring… Read more »