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An Innovative Approach to Battling Gum Disease

With the influx of studies and research that highlight a connection between your mouth and the rest of your body, battling serious oral health conditions has become quite an important endeavor. Scientists around the world are hard at work investigating risks, causes, cures, and treatments for such maladies as tooth decay and gum disease. In… Read more »

Waging a Microbial War for Your Oral Health

Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense. For centuries, humans have found innovative ways to defend against tooth decay. Today, the array of innovative cavity detection and treatment methods is impressive, yet cavities remain the number one disease among children. Research and experiments around the world are now geared toward attacking the formation of… Read more »

Syosset Dentist Explores News of Futuristic Dental Fillings

As dentistry evolves, it is not always new techniques that revolutionize the industry. For instance, the art of removing decayed tooth tissue and replacing it with filling material has been practiced for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. The mid-1800s brought the advent of amalgam fillings, and in spite of the controversy regarding the mercury content… Read more »