Month: February 2020

Things to Think About Before Getting Your Dental Crown

Even in the most advanced forms of dentistry, many of the concepts that guide treatment have been around for centuries. For example, restoring teeth with dental crowns is one of the most traditional forms of restorative dentistry. A dental crown is a custom-designed restoration that’s crafted to match a tooth’s size, shape, contour, and appearance…. Read more »

What’s a Good Way to Makeover Your Smile?

It’s just the nature of some smile concerns that multiple of them occur at once. For a lot of people, this can make the process of improving their smiles seem difficult, or even impossible, and discourage them from even trying. For many patients, however, we can often create a smile makeover plan that not only… Read more »

Why Waiting to Fix a Chipped Tooth Is a Bad Idea

Ideally, you would address any concern you ever have with your smile as soon as you notice it. In real life, however, you have a lot more to worry about than just your oral health, and sometimes, even obvious problems might not seem as high a priority as other concerns. For example, chipped teeth are… Read more »

Did You Know There Are Different Kinds of Teeth Stains?

If you notice that your teeth are stained, your instinct might be to go seek teeth-whitening treatment. This may or may not be the ideal solution; it depends largely on the type of stains that have developed on your teeth. Though you may not realize it, your teeth can change color for a variety of… Read more »