Month: May 2020

Why Oral Cancer Screenings Are Vital

When most people think of routine preventive care, they realize the importance of keeping their smiles healthy from things like tooth decay and gum disease. However, during every routine dental visit, you’ll also undergo comprehensive oral cancer screening to specifically check for potential signs of oral cancer development. In addition to more common conditions with… Read more »

Is There Such a Thing as Snoring Too Much?

For many people, snoring is the kind of thing that’s easy to overlook. Either it doesn’t really occur that often, or it isn’t such an annoyance as to cause problems for the snorer’s sleeping partner. However, even when snoring does become annoying, many people who experience it don’t realize that the problems it can cause… Read more »

How to Avoid Serious Tooth Damage

As the most-used parts of your body, your teeth go through a lot every day. Fortunately, they’re designed to do a lot without sustaining any damage or becoming significantly worn down. This is important not only to your bite’s function, but also to the long-term state of your oral health. When a tooth becomes damaged,… Read more »

What Makes Plaque a Threat to Your Smile?

Most people recognize the term, dental plaque, and the fact that it’s something they shouldn’t allow to remain on their teeth for long. However, not everyone realizes the specific threats that plaque buildup can pose to their smiles, or how those threats can manifest long before they realize it. As the basis for many of… Read more »