Month: July 2012

Oral Health Test Scores Are In—America, You Nearly Failed

Thanks to advances in dentistry over the last century, more Americans are enjoying full, healthy smiles. Innovation has provided us tools for exceptional cosmetic dentistry, and extensive scientific research has shown us ways to effectively treat dental issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Yet, when it comes to the basics of oral health care,… Read more »

Syosset Dental is Growing!

If you are a patient of Dr. Kobak’s, or a regular reader of our blog, you may know that we moved into our new, state-of-the-art dental office on Jericho Turnpike last summer. Our new facility has increased the level of service and comfort that we offer our clients, and has allowed us to utilize the… Read more »

Syosset Dentist Explores News of Futuristic Dental Fillings

As dentistry evolves, it is not always new techniques that revolutionize the industry. For instance, the art of removing decayed tooth tissue and replacing it with filling material has been practiced for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. The mid-1800s brought the advent of amalgam fillings, and in spite of the controversy regarding the mercury content… Read more »

Can Dried Licorice Root Fight Tooth Decay and Gum Disease?

In Chinese traditional medicine, dried licorice root is a common treatment, especially as an enhancer for other herbal ingredients or as flavoring. Traditional medical practitioners also use the dried root to treat certain ailments, including respiratory and digestive issues. Scientists are now testing whether the reported medicinal properties of the sweet root are valid and… Read more »

How’s Your Smile Working for You?

At Syosset Dental on Long Island, Dr. Richard Kobak’s passion is to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, functional, and attractive smile. If your smile lacks any one of these aspects, you may feel deprived of the benefits of healthy teeth and gums, working teeth, and a beautiful smile. Luckily, Dr. Kobak can help… Read more »