Month: November 2020

How A Root Canal Can Save Your Smile

While dental health is a top priority, there typically isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” method of treatment that can prevent or fix everything. What this means is that you need quality dental care that is custom-tailored to your specific problems, such as combatting disease, tooth loss, or simply filling a tooth. It is also important to keep… Read more »

Helping Your Smile Recover from Multiple Concerns

With the right dental treatment, most oral health concerns can be addressed more conveniently than many people expect. For many people, however, their smiles are impacted by more than just one problem, and restoring their smiles can require addressing multiple issues of different natures and extents. To fully restore your oral health and bite function… Read more »

How a Tooth Filling Prevents the Need for a Root Canal

When you develop a cavity, the most frequent treatment recommendation is to fill it with a customized, biocompatible filling material. For most people who get cavities, a tooth filling can be the most effective and conservative way to treat it and preserve their teeth. However, this depends on treating the cavity while it’s still in… Read more »

Why Modern Dental Crowns Come in Different Sizes

Dental crowns have been a popular way for restoring and saving teeth for a long time, but today’s version of the restoration isn’t always what people expect. While most people are familiar with traditional, or complete, dental crowns that completely cap a tooth’s visible structure, not every crown today is designed the same. Today, we… Read more »