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Wish You Could Change Your Smile’s Appearance?

Your confidence in your appearance, or lack thereof, can significantly influence your frame of mind. Because your smile is one of your face’s dominant features, your overall self-image and confidence in your smile are as important as your dental health. With a wide variety of advanced cosmetic dental technology and materials, we can transform your… Read more »

Is It Time to Consider Teeth-Whitening?

With a good hygiene routine at home and a regular schedule of preventive dental care, you can prolong the beautiful, healthy appearance of your smile and prevent most chronic dental issues. However, teeth stains are not like most chronic dental issues; even when your teeth are healthy, stains can still show up on their surfaces… Read more »

Can Bonding Repair My Chipped Tooth?

A tooth can be damaged in a number of ways, like a fracture in its crown, or a broken piece that has completely separated from its main structure. Some of the more common types of tooth damage, however, are not so severe. For instance, teeth can often become slightly worn or chipped, which may affect… Read more »

Can Porcelain Veneers Give You a Better Smile?

Taking good care of your smile is about more than just preventing and treating issues like tooth decay and gum disease. It also entails maintaining a level of pride in your smile’s appearance and showing it as often as you can. For many patients, however, that pride is limited due to cosmetic blemishes such as… Read more »

You Deserve to Smile Confidently

As a universal sign of pleasantness, many people can automatically comprehend the joy and confidence in a smile. In fact, most people don’t need to be told that smiling makes them seem more attractive and approachable than frowning. A beautiful, vibrant smile can spread and lighten the mood around you, and there are many other… Read more »

When Teeth Whitening Won’t Work

Professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments, but in some cases, it may not be enough to erase particularly stubborn or intrinsic (internal) tooth discoloration. Before undergoing treatment, your dentist will carefully examine your teeth to determine the nature and severity of your teeth stains. If teeth whitening won’t work… Read more »

What to Know About Porcelain Veneers

When it comes to creating a smile that you can be proud to show, porcelain veneers are among the most popular cosmetic dentistry options. Veneers are wafer-thin shells that mimic the front surfaces of your teeth, and are made from highly realistic dental porcelain that makes them virtually indistinguishable from healthy tooth structure. Before opting… Read more »

Get to Know More About Professional Teeth Whitening

It may be one of the most popular dental procedures today, but many patients still miss out on the dramatic benefits of professional teeth whitening. Teeth stains occur frequently, often despite excellent hygiene practices; fortunately, professional teeth whitening offers a quick, safe, and highly effective means to erase them and brighten your smile. With a… Read more »

Questions for Your Cosmetic Dentist

Are you wondering what’s the best way to brighten a stained smile, or how to treat a cavity without your filling being obvious to the world? Cosmetic dentistry entails a number of ways to improve your smile’s appearance, as well as its health and integrity. By speaking with your dentist, you can decide with treatment… Read more »

What Tooth Bonding Can Do

Cosmetic tooth bonding is a conservative way to improve your smile without altering your healthy tooth structure. The material for bonding is known as composite resin, and is a mixture of biocompatible acrylic particles with a lifelike texture and appearance. The resin can be tinted to match your tooth’s unique color, bonded securely to the… Read more »