Month: February 2016

The Longevity Of Dental Implants

Dental implants have become increasingly popular for restoring lost teeth – especially over the last few decades. A major concern when you lose an ‘adult’ tooth is that it’s root is not able to stimulate your jawbone anymore because without this stimulation, your bone structure will deteriorate over time. A huge advantage that dental implants… Read more »

Common Gum Disease Myths Debunked!

Gum disease can range from mild forms of gingivitis to severe cases of periodontitis. In either situation, it can be painful and can drastically compromise your oral health. As with any infection, the earlier you’re able to catch gum disease, the easier it can be to treat. However, there is a lot of misinformation out… Read more »

Take-Home Trays Vs. In-Office Teeth Whitening

Have you noticed discoloration in your smile lately? While you may be inclined to whiten your smile on your own, it is always recommended to avoid over-the-counter kits or other products as they could potentially cause damage to your teeth without providing results. Don’t feel discouraged because there isn’t anything you’re able to do on… Read more »

Top 3 Causes Of Canker Sores

Canker sores can be painful, sometimes making it difficult for you to eat, brush your teeth, and perform other daily tasks that you wouldn’t otherwise think about – like talking. There are two different types of these ulcers; “simple” and “complex.” While they’re both undoubtedly uncomfortable, knowing which type of canker sore you have could… Read more »