Month: June 2021

Restorative Services For Dental Injuries

While enamel damage is often caused by cavities, physical trauma can also lead to permanent harm. If you injure your tooth, you can experience a worrying smile change, feel uncomfortable biting and chewing, and find yourself vulnerable to an infection! The good news is that you can make sure the matter is addressed properly by… Read more »

Repairing Smiles With Full Or Partial Crowns

syosset dental crowns

The outer enamel on each tooth prevents the onset of decay or infection, and safeguards teeth against injury. However, if an issue occurs that does compromise the enamel, you need restoration to avoid painful complications. In today’s blog, your Syosset, NY, dentist explains how we create and place lifelike full and partial dental crowns, and… Read more »

Correcting Multiple Cosmetic Concerns With Veneers

syosset porcelain veneers

When you have more than a single esthetic concern, then you may assume you need more than one cosmetic treatment. However, with porcelain veneers your Syosset, NY, dentist can actually correct multiple esthetic issues at once, providing a conservative smile makeover and even instant orthodontic care for some patients.

Cosmetic Treatment For Your Gums

syosset gum contouring

When you show off too much gum when you smile, this is often referred to as a gummy smile. The excessive gingival display could alter the appearance of your smile’s alignment, and also make you feel self-conscious about showing off your smile. Fortunately, your Syosset, NY, dentist has a cosmetic treatment to safely and comfortably… Read more »

A More Attractive Smile In Only One Visit

syosset dental bonding

We recently spoke about cosmetic dentistry, particularly how we use professional teeth whitening to remove teeth stains. But what if a tooth is misshapen, or what if you have embarrassing gaps between your teeth? If teeth whitening isn’t enough, then our team can offer dental bonding and contouring to repair smiles in Syosset, NY, in… Read more »