Month: June 2020

Are You a Good Candidate for Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?

The good thing about most modern dental health treatments is that they’re designed to help you address virtually any oral health concern with optimal efficiency. If you have a cavity, your restorative treatment can include removing the decay from your tooth with enhanced precision and preserving a maximum amount of the tooth’s healthy structure. However,… Read more »

When Does Root Canal Treatment Become Necessary?

Root canal treatment isn’t always the preferred option for treating tooth decay. In fact, the condition is more often addressed with a more conservative tooth filling, before root canal treatment ever becomes necessary. However, when tooth decay becomes severe, a tooth filling may not be enough to treat the infection inside of your tooth’s pulp… Read more »

Are Dental Implants a Good Way to Support Your Restoration?

The choice to replace one or more teeth after they’ve been lost is an important one, and in some ways, it can be more complex than it seems on the surface. For example, the addition of dental implant posts to a custom-designed dental crown, bridge, or denture can do more for your restoration and your… Read more »

When “Cosmetic” Means “Conservative Restoration”

When you have a specific type of concern with your smile’s appearance, such as a chipped or slightly misshapen tooth, the concern can seem mostly cosmetic in nature. Fortunately, cosmetic dental treatments are typically designed to achieve highly lifelike results in a minimally invasive manner, making smile improvement convenient for more people. However, there’s another… Read more »