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3 Aspects of Your Oral Health that Gum Disease Threatens

If you’ve never been diagnosed with gum disease, then the threat that it can pose can seem distant and not very immediately concerning. However, just because you haven’t been diagnosed doesn’t mean it isn’t a threat, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve attended a professional dental examination. Unfortunately, many people fail to realize… Read more »

Is It Possible to Reverse Gingivitis?

Most dental health concerns are chronic conditions, which makes treating them a top priority any time they develop. That’s especially true for gum disease, which can cause increasingly worse damage to your gums and jawbone until you eventually lose one or more teeth from lack of support. Once it becomes severe enough, the only way… Read more »

Why Gum Disease Can Be a Lifelong Concern

Gum disease is often the kind of thing that people don’t think about until they have to. Despite the fact that it affects a majority of adult patients, it can seem insignificant (or remain completely undetected) in its earliest stages. However, once it reaches its more advanced stages, gum disease can become more severe and… Read more »

What Gum Disease Has to Do with American Heart Month

Every February, the American Heart Association sponsors American Heart Month to help raise awareness of one of the deadliest chronic conditions, heart disease. Though it may seem unrelated, preventing or treating gum disease can play a significant role in taking care of your cardiovascular health. Patients who exhibit severe gum disease are at higher risks… Read more »

The Keys to Preventing Gum Disease

Preventing gum disease means avoiding the most common cause of adult tooth loss. Fortunately, gum disease prevention isn’t particularly complicated; most people just don’t realize the gaps in their hygiene and preventive routines that allow it to develop. With these few tips, you can close those gaps and better protect your oral and overall health… Read more »

Is Gum Disease Affecting Your Joint Health?

Experts have known for quite some time that the presence of gum disease is linked to the development of systemic conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, the relationship between your oral health and your physical wellbeing has been at the center of some of the most innovative research over the last few decades. For… Read more »

Gingivitis vs. Gum Disease: Is There a Difference?

Though gum disease and gingivitis are often used interchangeably, the two terms describe different stages of the same condition. Gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, is a warning sign, and it may be your last chance to reverse the condition and prevent subsequent dental damage. Once it becomes gum disease, your condition cannot be… Read more »

Important Facts About Gum Disease Prevention

The most effective way to let gum disease have its way with your smile is to sit back and do nothing. Left to their own devices, the oral bacteria that make up plaque and tartar will simply multiply until their numbers are great enough to infect your gums and periodontal tissues. Fortunately, preventing gum disease… Read more »

What Causes Gum Disease?

A large part of the population suffers from some form of gum disease – or periodontitis. It can actually be reversed if caught in it’s early stages, known as gingivitis. However, just like other infections, gum disease can spread quickly and begin to affect your overall health. In the worst cases of periodontitis – you… Read more »

Common Gum Disease Myths Debunked!

Gum disease can range from mild forms of gingivitis to severe cases of periodontitis. In either situation, it can be painful and can drastically compromise your oral health. As with any infection, the earlier you’re able to catch gum disease, the easier it can be to treat. However, there is a lot of misinformation out… Read more »