Month: October 2018

Why Won’t Home Remedies Work for Bad Breath?

When dealing with consistently bad breath, you might be tempted to try all sorts of home remedies to try and eliminate it. Depending on the remedy itself and the source of your bad breath, some of them may provide a small amount of relief – at least, temporarily. However, for patients in Syosset who can’t… Read more »

A Few Important Things About Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a collective term that can include cancers in several different areas of the mouth, including your lips, gums, cheeks, tongue, and the roof and/or floor of the mouth, to name just a few. Similar to other head and neck cancers, oral cancer can produce several different symptoms, and patients in Syosset who… Read more »

How Well Do You Know Sleep Apnea?

Despite the fact that sleep apnea affects millions of patients across the world, it remains one of the lesser-known chronic health conditions. Even patients who have it don’t always understand what it means, or recognize that they have sleep apnea at all. Fortunately, patients in Syosset, NY, who suffer from sleep apnea and its numerous… Read more »

The Details of TMJ Disorder

The thing about temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is that its details differ from patient to patient. From the exact cause of your jaw joint disorder to the specific type of damage or discomfort that describes your condition, TMJ disorder varies according to several different factors. For many patients in Syosset, NY, finding relief from the… Read more »

Why Gum Disease Can Be a Lifelong Concern

Gum disease is often the kind of thing that people don’t think about until they have to. Despite the fact that it affects a majority of adult patients, it can seem insignificant (or remain completely undetected) in its earliest stages. However, once it reaches its more advanced stages, gum disease can become more severe and… Read more »