Month: November 2012

How Will Your Teeth Fare Against the Thanksgiving Onslaught?

As children, few spontaneous outbursts could bring us as much joy as a massive impromptu food fight. Plastering a handful of mashed potatoes on your best friend’s face is a form of bonding unmatched by more conventional methods. Typically, however, childhood food fights rarely went unpunished, and cleaning the aftermath was nowhere near as fun…. Read more »

Protect Your Oral Health from Age-Related Gum Recession

When your gums begin to pull away from your teeth, or recede, there is usually a cause for concern (the condition typically indicates gum disease, or some other dental malady). As we age, however, our gums can lose their grip on our teeth and recede simply due to a lifetime of use. Age-related gum recession… Read more »

Syosset Dentist Explores the Continuing Damage of Gum Disease

As your eyes are the windows to your soul, so too is your mouth the window to your body. The food you eat, the beverages you consume, and much of the air that you breathe all pass through your mouth before entering your body. There should be little surprise, therefore, to learn that the health… Read more »