Month: September 2020

Are You Raising Your Risks of Tooth Loss Without Knowing?

The most common causes of adult tooth loss are things that can often be prevented or controlled with proper oral health care and maintenance. However, just because they can be controlled doesn’t mean that doing so is always easy. For some people, there are many different factors that can increase their risks of developing oral… Read more »

Dental Concerns that Are More Serious than They Seem

When many people think of severe oral health concerns, they think of intense discomfort in and around their teeth, or noticeable damage to their teeth and oral tissues. While this is sometimes the case, it isn’t always. What can eventually become a serious concern for your oral health may only seem like a minor annoyance… Read more »

Key Questions About Preventive Dental Care

Most people recognize preventive dental care as the routine checkups and cleanings that they need to schedule on a routine basis. Many people also recognize the connection between their daily dental hygiene routine and the success of their overall preventive dental care. However, there are still many questions that you might have about the point… Read more »