Dental Concerns that Are More Serious than They Seem

When many people think of severe oral health concerns, they think of intense discomfort in and around their teeth, or noticeable damage to their teeth and oral tissues. While this is sometimes the case, it isn’t always. What can eventually become a serious concern for your oral health may only seem like a minor annoyance at first. Today, we examine a few dental health concerns that might not seem serious in the beginning, but that could spell significant trouble for your oral health if they aren’t addressed as soon as possible.

One or more sensitive teeth

Tooth sensitivity is almost always a sign of a potentially serious concern, but it often develops as a minor case of sensitivity at first. Whether it’s a single tooth or several teeth, the sensitivity may grow more severe gradually enough that you don’t realize it at first. When you do, you may try one or more home remedies to ease the discomfort before you start to take it seriously. In the meantime, the cause of your tooth sensitivity will continue getting worse. This can be the slow erosion of your tooth’s protective layer of enamel, which leads to more severe tooth decay before you can realize it on your own. It might also indicate a chronic teeth-grinding habit, a case of gingivitis (as your gums recede and expose your teeth roots), or more.

Slight changes in your gum tissues

The feeling of sensitivity in your teeth is one thing, and at some point, you may be forced to take it seriously even if you don’t at first. However, the appearance of your oral and gum tissues is another issue entirely, and it can be easier to miss signs such as the changing appearance of your gums as gingivitis sets in. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, and it can make itself known as it irritates your gums by causing the tissues to become red, inflamed, and angry looking. They may even bleed slightly when you brush and floss your teeth due to the pressure. This doesn’t always cause physical discomfort at first, but it indicates an increasingly threat of severe gum disease and tissue erosion.

A chronic case of bad breath

A case of bad breath that doesn’t go away can seem more like an annoyance than a serious oral health concern. Yet, chronic bad breath (or halitosis) is most often a sign of a more concerning underlying condition, such as the erosion of your natural tooth structure or your periodontal tissues. Any other accompanying symptoms, such as tooth sensitivity or changes in your gum tissues, may offer more clues as to the cause of it. However, it will take a professional examination and diagnosis from your dentist to pinpoint the exact cause and devise an appropriate treatment plan to address it.

Learn if your dental concerns are serious

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