Month: February 2019

Common Things that Contribute to Tooth Loss

Today’s dental treatments can help you preserve and improve your smile even after losing one or more teeth. However, your smile is healthiest when all of your teeth are natural and healthy, which is why preventing tooth loss is the better option, whenever possible. To do that, you have to know what your biggest risks… Read more »

Can Tooth Fillings Fail?

When you experience a cavity, the whole point of filling it is to prevent the cavity from growing and your tooth from becoming more compromised. If your filling fails to accomplish its purpose, then your tooth can end up in a worse condition than before. Historically, failed fillings occurred most commonly because of the materials… Read more »

Ask Your Dentist if You’d Benefit from Veneers

It isn’t just the desire for a healthier and more attractive smile that determines your best treatment option. In fact, you have several different highly customizable options to accomplish that. When it comes to improving your smile, it also matters how big of an impact your treatment will have on your long-term oral health. For… Read more »

Could Your Bridge or Denture Use a Few Implants?

Maybe it’s time for a new bridge or denture because your current one has worn down too much to function properly. Or, perhaps, you may want a sturdier, more comfortable, and lifelike option that doesn’t involve hidden clasps, abutment teeth, or adhesives to remain in place. For many patients, traditional bridges and dentures are a… Read more »