Month: December 2016

What Is Your Bad Breath Trying to Say?

When your breath isn’t fresh, it can do more than embarrass you. It can also be trying to tell you something, like maybe you should brush and floss your teeth. When bad breath doesn’t go away, its message might be more serious, like your dental hygiene has been lacking for too long, or you have… Read more »

2 Reasons to Never Ignore a Toothache

If your tooth hurts enough to disrupt your daily activities, like eating and drinking, then you might not hesitate to seek treatment at your dentist’s office as soon as possible. But if your tooth only feels a little sensitive and doesn’t throb or ache severely, then you might be tempted to write it off as… Read more »

Important Facts About Oral Cancer Screening

It’s not as frequently talked about as many other cancers, but oral cancer is one of the deadliest and most prevalent cancers of them all. Every year, more than 40,000 people in America are diagnosed with the disease, and every year, more than 8,000 people lose their battle with it. The good news, though, is… Read more »

How to Reconstruct a Smile with Dental Implants

Tooth loss may still be a concern for many patients, but with the lifelike restorative benefits of dental implants, it doesn’t have to be such a profound issue. Implants are essentially prosthetic roots for your replacement teeth; the small, biocompatible posts are inserted into the jawbone, then connected to a prosthetic crown, bridge, or denture…. Read more »