What Is Your Bad Breath Trying to Say?

what-is-your-bad-breath-trying-to-sayWhen your breath isn’t fresh, it can do more than embarrass you. It can also be trying to tell you something, like maybe you should brush and floss your teeth. When bad breath doesn’t go away, its message might be more serious, like your dental hygiene has been lacking for too long, or you have a dental issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. The best way to find relief is to find out what your bad breath is trying to say, and you can do that successfully by visiting and speaking with your dentist about your options.

Be better at dental hygiene.

Morning breath is a minor instance of bad breath. When you sleep, your saliva dries up and oral bacteria can accumulate uninhibited. If your dental hygiene is otherwise up to par, then eating a healthy breakfast and brushing your teeth should eliminate your morning breath. If it isn’t, then you may not be brushing and flossing as often as you should (which is typically at least twice every day).

You should drink more water.

If you’re dehydrated, then your saliva flow can remain inadequate to rinse your mouth of oral bacteria throughout the day as well as when you sleep at night. In addition to being diligent about hygiene, be sure to drink plenty of water, which will promote a healthy flow of saliva that slows the accumulation of oral bacteria and plaque that lead to bad breath.

It’s time to see your dentist.

If plaque and tartar aren’t periodically cleaned away with good hygiene and regular dental cleanings, then they can eventually lead to issues like tooth decay and gum disease. Caused by the oral bacteria in plaque, these issues often result in chronic bad breath as just one of many symptoms. Visiting your dentist as soon as possible will allow you to receive necessary treatment as soon as possible to treat your bad breath and save your smile, as well.

If your bad breath just won’t go away no matter what you do,  then it might be trying to tell you something more than just to brush your teeth. To find out what it is, and how to finally eliminate your bad breath, schedule a visit with your dentist by calling our office in Syosset, NY, today at 516-433-2211 or 516-921-1678. We proudly serve the residents of Syosset, Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, and all surrounding New York City communities.