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Don’t Let Thanksgiving Lead To Cavities

syosset thanksgiving cavities

Without treatment, cavities could lead to worsening pain and even the onset of infection. Which is why we urge people to take precautions during the holiday season! Many of our Thanksgiving favorites could lead to tooth decay. In today’s blog, your Syosset, NY, dentist offers tips for protecting smiles from cavities during the holidays.

Preventing Your Halloween Cavities

syosset halloween cavities

Halloween is a fun time of year! From costumes and parties, to trick or treating with your family, there is a lot to enjoy. But there is also a high risk of cavities if we consume too many sweets. Which is why your Syosset, NY, dentist is talking about how to prevent the onset of… Read more »

What Happens During An Oral Cancer Screening?

syosset oral cancer screening

We suggest an oral cancer screening during your regular visits to our office. At least once a year, we want to examine your smile and see if you have possible areas that are cancerous or precancerous, so you can then begin treatment and increase your chances of a full recovery. In today’s blog, your Syosset,… Read more »

Noninvasive Treatment For Sleep Apnea

syosset sleep apnea

If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), this could lead to difficulty resting at night and impact how your overall quality of life. Fortunately, we can offer a noninvasive solution to bring relief. Instead of a CPAP machine, your Syosset, NY, dentist could offer a comfortable option for easing for snoring and sleep apnea.

Can Gum Disease Be Avoided?

syosset periodontal treatment

Periodontal disease is a very serious and widespread oral health issue. In addition to uncomfortable symptoms, this could be the cause of adult tooth loss. However, you can take action to avoid the disease! In today’s blog, your Syosset, NY, dentist talks about how we prevent and treat issues like periodontal disease.

Protecting Children From Tooth Decay

syosset dental sealants

Cavities are common in children’s smiles, and could lead to infections and premature tooth loss. This in turn could even cause dental misalignment! Fortunately, we can help treat cavities, and can even help prevent them! In today’s blog, your Syosset, NY, dentist talks about using fluoride gel and dental sealants to safeguard little smiles against… Read more »

Treating Bruxism With Oral Appliances

syosset teeth grinding appliance

When you grind or clench your teeth on a regular basis, this could mean serious discomfort and even damaged teeth too! Fortunately, we can treat teeth grinding and clenching, using an option that fits comfortably and protects your smile. In today’s blog, your Syosset, NY, dentist talks about oral appliances.

Schedule Your Child’s Back-To-School Visit Soon

syosset back to school

Before you know it, your children will be heading back to school for the fall semester. Which means now is the time to start getting them ready by picking up their supplies and new clothes. But don’t forget about their smiles! Your Syosset, NY, dentist discusses why a back-to-school visit is so important for little… Read more »

You Need Regular Oral Cancer Screenings

syosset oral cancer screening

Both the American Cancer Society and The Oral Cancer Foundation recommend you undergo screenings at least once a year, preferably at every checkup appointment. We agree! Which is why in today’s blog, your Syosset, NY, dentist takes a look at why these screenings are so essential, and what you can expect from your visit.

How Do We Treat Snoring And Sleep Apnea?

syosset stop snoring

When you snore frequently, this could potentially mean you’re suffering from a serious sleep disorder. Without care, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) could lead to a host of uncomfortable symptoms and even strain your immune and cardiovascular systems. In today’s blog, your Syosset, NY, dentist talks about treating snoring and sleep apnea.