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Key Questions About Preventive Dental Care

Most people recognize preventive dental care as the routine checkups and cleanings that they need to schedule on a routine basis. Many people also recognize the connection between their daily dental hygiene routine and the success of their overall preventive dental care. However, there are still many questions that you might have about the point… Read more »

Are You Negating Your Own Dental Hygiene Efforts?

Practicing good dental hygiene every day is one of the most important factors in preserving your healthy smile for life. Yet, it isn’t all there is to protecting your teeth and smile from things that could negatively affect them later. For example, the point of good dental hygiene is largely to prevent issues from occurring… Read more »

What Makes Plaque a Threat to Your Smile?

Most people recognize the term, dental plaque, and the fact that it’s something they shouldn’t allow to remain on their teeth for long. However, not everyone realizes the specific threats that plaque buildup can pose to their smiles, or how those threats can manifest long before they realize it. As the basis for many of… Read more »

Relieving Tooth Sensitivity When It’s Minor

When a tooth hurts severely, the only way to relieve it is often to seek professional dental treatment. However, for many people, minor tooth sensitivity can be an early indication that their at-home dental care routines can use some improvement. If addressed early enough, some minor cases of tooth sensitivity might be relieved and reversed… Read more »

Could Your Dental Hygiene Be More Effective?

Practicing dental hygiene can sometimes feel like homework. Your task is to brush and floss your teeth every day, and your dentist will grade your efforts the next time you visit. In the meantime, however, that feeling can cause many people to take their hygiene routines less seriously than they should. The goal isn’t to… Read more »

When a Tooth Decays – A Close Look at Cavities

The good thing about keeping your smile healthy is that, in general, doing so isn’t difficult. However, it does take consistency, which most of us may fail at once in a while. For example, the most common concern – tooth decay – can develop if even a small number of oral bacteria are able to… Read more »

Is It Past Time for Your Dental Cleaning?

Most people know that the recommended schedule for dental checkup and cleaning appointments is generally once every 3-4 months. In the absence of any pressing dental concern, like periodontal disease, this schedule (along with consistently good hygiene at home) helps ensure that your teeth and gums aren’t overwhelmed by harmful plaque and tartar. However, knowing… Read more »

Will Cavities Ever Be a Non-Issue?

As dental health technology and techniques become increasingly more advanced, it can often seem like what used to be common issues are no longer a big deal. For example, cavities (the product of tooth decay) used to be a significant issue, as they would continue to erode a tooth until the condition became severe. Today,… Read more »

What No One Tells You About Bad Breath

Some people have no problem telling you that your breath is bad, while others may try to drop hints so as not to cause you any embarrassment. Some people may offer a few friendly tips, like chewing gum, and others may never say anything, but limit their interactions with you to avoid having to deal… Read more »

Why Skipping Your Dental Cleaning Is a Bad Idea

The fact that professional dental cleaning is vital to a healthy smile is common knowledge. However, it doesn’t stop many people from avoiding, neglecting, or postponing their visits when time seem short. Even if you do an amazing job of consistently brushing and flossing your teeth every day, regular dental cleanings are essential to ensuring… Read more »