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Is Stress Threatening Your Oral Health?

You may already be aware of stress’ side effects, from headaches and stomach pains to high blood pressure and an increased risk of serious illnesses (including heart disease). Because of the wide range of concerns stress can generate regarding your physical wellbeing, its influence on your oral health is not as often discussed. To help… Read more »

How Often Do You Brush Your Teeth When You’re Sick?

This time of year is notorious for illnesses from the common cold to the influenza virus. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention officially refer to this time of year as “the flu season,” and this year it started even earlier than usual. When you’re afflicted with influenza-like symptoms, such as fever,… Read more »

Prevent Stress from Diluting Your Holiday Joy

Recently, we wrote about the devastating effects of stress on your oral health. While elevated stress levels have long been associated with a higher risk of certain illnesses, the damage that stress causes your teeth and gums is often more subtle and less-often discussed. Bruxism (the habit of teeth-grinding), TMJ disorder, and excessive tooth wear… Read more »

How Will Your Teeth Fare Against the Thanksgiving Onslaught?

As children, few spontaneous outbursts could bring us as much joy as a massive impromptu food fight. Plastering a handful of mashed potatoes on your best friend’s face is a form of bonding unmatched by more conventional methods. Typically, however, childhood food fights rarely went unpunished, and cleaning the aftermath was nowhere near as fun…. Read more »

Syosset Dentist Explores the Effects of Stress on Your Oral Health

The negative effects of stress on your health are well-documented. While it can serve as a natural defense mechanism, prolonged periods of stress can increase your risk of some health issues, including heart disease, sleep deprivation, depression, obesity, and memory impairment, among many others. Not many people realize, however, that stress can also help to… Read more »

Could Chocolate Help You Prevent Cavities?

Some people would say that chocolate is an addiction. They wouldn’t be entirely incorrect: chocolate contains the chemicals tyramine and tryptophan, which the brain converts into the natural feel-good chemicals dopamine and serotonin. Thankfully, we are becoming more aware of chocolate’s health benefits so you don’t have to feel as guilty for indulging in the… Read more »

Syosset Dentist Advises—Pack Your Childrens’ School Lunches

Know What They’re Eating There is no end to the list of what most parents worry about while their children are at school. One common cause for worry is whether or not your child is eating properly while he/she is away from home for the day. Schools are required to provide the recommended amount of… Read more »

Syosset, NY Dentist Examines Oral-Systemic Health

June is all about the men. Not only is June the month for Father’s Day, it is also set aside to highlight preventable health issues in men and to promote the benefits of early detection and disease treatment. This National Men’s Health Month, your Long Island dentist, Dr. Richard Kobak, explains the connection between your… Read more »

Milk. It Does a Smile Good!

June is here again, and with it comes National Dairy Month. This month promotes awareness of the health benefits dairy consumers enjoy. We all know by now that the calcium in milk is needed for our bones to grow and remain strong. What is less well known are the benefits that dairy products have on our… Read more »

Important Reasons to Smile from Syosset Dental

Here at Syosset Dental, we believe that smiling is an important part of our patients’ professional and personal lives. A beautiful smile can light up a room, diffuse a tense situation, and attract new friends. Did you know that there are psychological and health benefits to smiling? Psychologists have discovered that smiling frequently positively affects… Read more »