Prevent Stress from Diluting Your Holiday Joy

carefree womanRecently, we wrote about the devastating effects of stress on your oral health. While elevated stress levels have long been associated with a higher risk of certain illnesses, the damage that stress causes your teeth and gums is often more subtle and less-often discussed. Bruxism (the habit of teeth-grinding), TMJ disorder, and excessive tooth wear and damage can all result from prolonged stress. As the holiday season draws near, tension and anxiety may become much more prevalent in your daily life than normal. To help prevent stress from diluting your holiday joy, Syosset dentist Dr. RichardKobak offers these tips for beating back stress.

Tips for Stress-Free Holidays

Be reasonable—Tradition plays a major role in most families’ holiday celebrations. While traditions are often sacred, the truth is that families change and grow, and struggling to make your Christmas exactly as the last one can create a ton of unnecessary stress. For instance, if your grown children cannot visit for the holidays, find innovative ways to celebrate together, such as video conferencing or swapping photos online. If you remain flexible, then sudden changes or shifts in your plans will not devastate your tranquility.

Yes, we all CAN get along—Sometimes, the biggest source of our contention can come from friends and family members. After all, grievances are often strongest against those closest to you. However, a family gathering meant to celebrate the holidays and enjoy the presence of your loved ones is not the ideal time to air your grievances. Reduce holiday stress by putting your differences aside for the time being.

Be prepared—Louis Pasteur once wrote that chance favors the prepared mind. During the holidays, so does serenity. Shopping, partying, baking, cleaning, cooking, and entertaining are only a few of the demands that accompany the holiday season. Plan ahead by setting certain days aside for certain activities, and comprising a menu beforehand will allow you to shop early for needed ingredients, preventing last minute dashes to the grocery store for forgotten ingredients.

Breathe—Okay, hopefully you breathe all of the time, but taking a few moments out of the day for yourself can help you breathe easier and reduce the overwhelming effects of stress. Take a nighttime walk, gaze at the stars, listen to soothing music in a low-lit room, or find another method of clearing your mind, breathing easier, and restoring your calm.

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