Month: December 2015

What Are The Benefits Of A Dental Crown?

You may need a dental crown for a variety of reasons – to protect a broken tooth, to protect teeth weakened from large or deteriorated old fillings, to cover a dental implant, to support a dental bridge or for cosmetic reasons. In the past, dental crowns have been made out of materials like gold or… Read more »

How Does Preventive Dentistry Work?

If your teeth aren’t properly taken care of, they can become decayed and susceptible to infection – potentially leading to tooth loss. However, practicing proper oral hygiene and visiting your dentist to ensure your teeth are strong and healthy can prevent infections such as periodontitis. Your dentist may periodically recommend x-rays and oral cancer screenings… Read more »

Are You Dreaming Of A White Smile?

Professional teeth whitening sure has its perks, and could be a great holiday gift! Are you dreaming of a white smile? Although an in-office treatment is the most efficient when it comes to whitening, it may not be for everyone so you do have other options. A kit that can be purchased at your local… Read more »

Should You Change Your Diet To Help Your Teeth?

With Thanksgiving so closely behind us and more holidays just on the horizon, we want to take time to educate our patients about preventive dentistry and how your diet can affect the health of your teeth. The meal you ate in observance of the holiday last week was chewed with your teeth – did you… Read more »