Month: May 2018

Recovering from Tooth Loss Better (with Implants)

With a greater understanding of how tooth loss occurs, people today have a much better chance at preventing it from happening. Nevertheless, it remains a significant concern for many patients, and recovering from it requires choosing the most lifelike prosthesis to replace lost teeth. In many cases, that option involves the support of one or… Read more »

Understanding Tooth Loss Better

Tooth loss is a big enough concern that, for many patients, it’s the worst thing that can happen to their dental health. Fortunately, with the exception of teeth that have to be extracted (such as impacted wisdom teeth), most others cases of tooth loss can often be prevented. The key is to understand how tooth… Read more »

How Modern Fillings Mirror Dentistry’s Advancement

As much as dental technology and treatments have advanced over the years, the specifics of treating most dental conditions are still the same. For instance, if a cavity forms, then removing the bacteria and replacing the infected tooth structure is still the best way to treat it. However, modern dentistry now allows your dentist to… Read more »