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Custom Treatment for Bruxism and Migraines

Grinding your teeth can be a nightmare. In fact, most teeth clenching or grinding—we call it bruxism—happens when a patient is sleeping. However, bruxism isn’t always limited to the nighttime, though people are unaware of clenching their jaws or grinding their teeth during the day.

Do You Have Bruxism?

Are your teeth sensitive to hot and cold foods? This may be a sign of bruxism, which also affects quality of sleep and stress levels. If you are experiencing chronic jaw pain, earaches, or headaches and migraines, you may be grinding your teeth at night. At Syosset Dental, we can assess your mouth for signs of bruxism, then recommend a preventive treatment to relieve your symptoms and protect your oral health.

We’ll take time to listen to your concerns, ask questions about the symptoms you are experiencing, and examine your teeth to determine if you are having teeth grinding issues. We offer NTI, which is an acronym for Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition. An NTI is a small, transparent plastic device that you can wear at night. It will fit over your teeth and prevent opposing molars and canines from making contact. As a result, your jaw can relax, so symptoms subside.

NTI does not involve any shots, drugs, or surgery. Your dentist will simply take a mold of your mouth so that he can fit the NTI to your bite.

Lasting relief from bruxism and migraines

If you grind your teeth and experience chronic headaches/migraines, then the two may be more closely related than you realize. With a custom-designed NTI or other appropriate oral device, your dentist can help you find lasting relief from both. To learn more, schedule an appointment by calling Syosset Dental today at 516-433-2211 or 516-921-1678. We proudly serve the residents of Syosset, Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, and all surrounding New York City communities.