Month: April 2018

3 Things a Crown Can Treat Best

One of the reasons why dental crowns have remained a popular treatment option for centuries is because their design is highly effective. A crown mimics the size, shape, and contours of your healthy, natural tooth, and is placed over the tooth to restore its entire visible structure. With advanced technology and materials, today’s crowns are… Read more »

How Veneers Straighten an Imperfect Smile

One of the greatest advantages of porcelain veneers is their ability to correct a wide range of cosmetic dental issues without requiring extensive treatment. For instance, rather than needing tooth bonding for a chipped tooth, a dental crown for a cracked one, and teeth-whitening to brighten them, an appropriate number of lifelike veneers can correct… Read more »

What Makes Digital X-Rays Better?

Prevention is the most important benefit of routine dental care, and that prevention relies on accurate, precise examinations. By thoroughly checking your teeth and oral tissues during every visit, your dentist can help spot signs of trouble that can be addressed before more serious concerns develop. For more accurate diagnoses, dentists have long relied on… Read more »

Why Fixing a Chipped Tooth Matters

Compared to a broken or knocked-out tooth, a chipped tooth doesn’t always seem like much of a big deal for your oral health. In some cases, the unique appearance of the tooth may add to your smile’s charm. However, over time, even a seemingly minor chip in your tooth can become a significant concern to… Read more »