Why Fixing a Chipped Tooth Matters

Compared to a broken or knocked-out tooth, a chipped tooth doesn’t always seem like much of a big deal for your oral health. In some cases, the unique appearance of the tooth may add to your smile’s charm. However, over time, even a seemingly minor chip in your tooth can become a significant concern to its long-term health and integrity. If left untreated, pressure from your bite can cause the damage in your tooth to grow increasingly worse and require more extensive treatment later. That’s why fixing a chipped tooth as soon as possible is essential for preserving your natural tooth structure, and we offer a number of customizable treatments to do so.

How the Chip Can Grow Worse

When your teeth are whole and healthy, they can withstand an incredible amount of bite pressure without sustaining any damage. That’s thanks in large part to the balance of your bite, which is determined by the alignment of your teeth. If your tooth is chipped, then its structure is weaker than normal, and that same bite pressure may cause the chip to grow or the tooth to crack. If the chip throws your bite off balance, then other teeth may also be at risk of damage due to excessive, uneven bite pressure.

Different Ways to Improve Your Tooth

In addition to improving your smile’s overall appearance, fixing a chipped tooth also restores its health and integrity so you can bite and chew confidently, without worrying about damaging it further. Depending on the extent of your tooth’s damage, your dentist may be able to fix it with minimally invasive cosmetic tooth bonding. Using tooth-colored composite resin, your dentist can rebuild the tooth to its proper size, shape, and contour, all without permanently altering any of your healthy tooth structure. In more severe cases, your tooth may require a porcelain veneer or dental crown to provide more substantial support against bite pressure.

Learn How to Fix Your Chipped Tooth Discreetly

With the right customized cosmetic treatment, we can restore the health and vitality of your chipped tooth quickly, conveniently, and with highly lifelike results. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Syosset Dental in Syosset, NY today at 516-433-2211 or 516-921-1678.