Month: March 2017

The Keys to Successful Cavity Prevention

Until you develop one, a cavity may not seem like a serious issue. However, once it forms, the discomfort in your tooth will grow increasingly worse until treated, and the longer you hesitate, the more extensive treatment you’ll need. The good news is that nearly everyone can successfully prevent cavity development and the discomfort it… Read more »

What TMJ Disorder Feels Like

Your smile’s appearance is an important aspect of your dental health, as are the health of your teeth and the integrity of your gum tissues. However, the way your bite functions is also a vital part of your oral health, and patients who experience TMJ disorder often experience difficulty opening and closing their mouths. Because… Read more »

Designing Your Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

The term, “full-mouth rehabilitation,” can seem like a complex procedure, but the truth is that everyone’s treatment plan is different. Depending on your needs, rehabilitating your smile can be as simple as treating a cavity, or as comprehensive as replacing lost teeth and their roots. The goal of full-mouth rehabilitation is to return your smile… Read more »

Gingivitis vs. Gum Disease: Is There a Difference?

Though gum disease and gingivitis are often used interchangeably, the two terms describe different stages of the same condition. Gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease, is a warning sign, and it may be your last chance to reverse the condition and prevent subsequent dental damage. Once it becomes gum disease, your condition cannot be… Read more »

Is It Too Late to Save My Loose Tooth?

When healthy, your teeth have a very slight give due to the flexibility of the periodontal tissues that support their roots. This gives them just enough wiggle room to properly absorb the most intense of your bite’s pressure. When a tooth is noticeably loose, however, it can no longer function properly, and in many cases,… Read more »