Is It Too Late to Save My Loose Tooth?

When healthy, your teeth have a very slight give due to the flexibility of the periodontal tissues that support their roots. This gives them just enough wiggle room to properly absorb the most intense of your bite’s pressure. When a tooth is noticeably loose, however, it can no longer function properly, and in many cases, it could be at a high risk of being lost completely. The good news is that it may not be too late to save your loose tooth. If you schedule a visit with your dentist as soon as possible, then he can diagnose why your tooth is loose and prescribe an appropriate treatment plan.

Why Teeth Become Loose

A traumatic injury

A traumatic injury to the face or mouth can force a tooth to move beyond the natural slack of its supportive tissues. If your tooth is loose, then the tissues may have been damaged or detached from the tooth’s root. Depending on the extent of the damage, the tooth may settle back into its socket and the tissues around it might heal, tightening their grip on the root. However, it is safer to schedule an emergency visit with your dentist in case the tooth needs to be restored or replaced.

Constant teeth-grinding

Undue force on your teeth doesn’t have to be instant. Bruxism, or constant teeth-grinding, causes continuous pressure and friction that can gradually loosen the grip that your jawbone and periodontal tissues have on your teeth. If your examination reveals that bruxism is the cause, then your dentist can prescribe a custom nightguard to prevent you from rubbing your teeth together while you sleep.

Gingivitis or gum disease

Gingivitis describes infection and inflammation in your gum tissues, and is caused by excessive oral bacteria accumulating on your gum line. As the infection progresses into gum disease, your gums can recede from your gums, causing them to grow uncomfortably loose and exposed. Because its symptoms are often overlooked until the condition is severe, gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the U.S. If it’s the reason why your teeth are loose, then don’t hesitate to visit your dentist or it may be too late to save them.

Save Your Loose Tooth

If your tooth is unusually loose, then schedule a visit with your dentist as soon as possible to determine why, and if it can be saved. Call our office in Syosset, NY today at 516-433-2211 or 516-921-1678. We proudly serve patients who live in Syosset, Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, and surrounding New York City communities.