Month: May 2016

3 Reasons Porcelain Veneers are Popular

Improving your smile’s appearance can have a significant positive affect on your overall self-confidence. But when you have more than one issue to contend with, such as discolored, misaligned, chipped, and malformed teeth, improving your smile may seem like a challenge. The good news is that with porcelain veneers, which are becoming increasingly more popular,… Read more »

Why Are Dental Cleanings So Important?

Despite the fact that it’s common knowledge, may patients do not fully realize the importance of maintaining regular dental visits. Or, the role that preventive dentistry plays in preserving their natural, heathy, beautiful smiles. The general rule is to attend a dental cleaning and checkup at least once every six months. However, if your smile… Read more »

What is Full-Mouth Rehabilitation?

Restoring your dental health can often involve addressing a number of equally important issues that must be resolved as soon as possible. For the sake of time, and to reduce the amount of treatments that your smile must endure, addressing your smile as a whole is typically the preferable solution.  If you have several teeth… Read more »

About Oral Cancer, and How to Detect It

The point of your routine dental checkup and cleaning appointments is to prevent common dental issues from forming, or from growing worse. As part of your regular appointments, your dentist will also conduct thorough screenings to make sure there are no early warning signs of oral cancer development. Routine screenings increase the likelihood of detecting… Read more »