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Dental Concerns that Are More Serious than They Seem

When many people think of severe oral health concerns, they think of intense discomfort in and around their teeth, or noticeable damage to their teeth and oral tissues. While this is sometimes the case, it isn’t always. What can eventually become a serious concern for your oral health may only seem like a minor annoyance… Read more »

A Few Notes About Healthy Bite Function

In general, keeping your smile healthy relies on just a few simple principles. Keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy on a consistent basis, and make sure you add visiting your dentist regularly to your schedule of important things to do. Sometimes, though, your oral health care involves more than safeguarding your smile against… Read more »

Why Bad Breath Is More Troublesome than You Think

Despite being a common punch line, bad breath is no joke to those who experience it. In addition to the embarrassment of always knowing your breath smells, there’s also the frustration of failing to rid yourself of it, no matter how many remedies you try. The more you try such remedies, the longer it can… Read more »

Does Your Oral Health Change as You Get Older?

Time can be either a friend or foe to your oral health. For instance, sticking to a strictly timed schedule of routine dental care can help you avoid most common dental health issues. However, if one develops, then waiting to see your dentist could give it plenty of time to grow worse. In a more… Read more »

In Case Your Dental Hygiene Is Missing Something

How well do you plan your dental hygiene routine every day? If you’re like most people, you’ve brushed and flossed and rinse your teeth so often that it barely takes any conscious thought, much less any planning. However, that familiarity is one reason why many people’s hygiene routines are lacking in one area or another,… Read more »

Dental Things that Are More Concerning as You Age

The specific concerns that your smile faces depend on a variety of factors. For instance, the quality of your dental hygiene routine over the years, the presence of existing dental issues, and systemic conditions that are related to poor oral health can all become more prominent as time goes on. Fortunately, caring for your smile… Read more »

What Does Your Smile Need Most this Year?

Ideally, you should always do all that you can to optimize your oral health and your smile’s appearance. Sometimes, though, a problem may not seem as though it needs immediate attention, or you may have had trouble finding time in your schedule to address it. This New Year, resolve to make the most of your… Read more »

A Few Good Resolutions for Your Smile

Every year, most people take a close look at their lives and make a few important resolutions to improve them. For many people, the state of their oral health is an important factor in their overall quality of life, and optimizing their smiles offers an excellent place to start for self-improvement. Fortunately, you have a… Read more »

Why You Need Your Dentist’s Help to Treat Your Toothache

Toothaches are common, and in many cases, the right home remedy can help you find temporary relief from one. However, those remedies are rarely effective in the long-term, and after a while, your toothache is likely to come back. That’s because toothaches are usually caused by some other underlying condition, and to relieve it, your… Read more »

Why Are Your Teeth Wearing Down?

Of the many things that can threaten the health and integrity of your teeth, such as tooth decay, many patients don’t realize that some conditions can make their teeth dangers to themselves. For instance, if you have bruxism (constant teeth-grinding), then you may notice that the surfaces of your teeth seem to be wearing down… Read more »