Month: August 2012

Could Chocolate Help You Prevent Cavities?

Some people would say that chocolate is an addiction. They wouldn’t be entirely incorrect: chocolate contains the chemicals tyramine and tryptophan, which the brain converts into the natural feel-good chemicals dopamine and serotonin. Thankfully, we are becoming more aware of chocolate’s health benefits so you don’t have to feel as guilty for indulging in the… Read more »

Waging a Microbial War for Your Oral Health

Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense. For centuries, humans have found innovative ways to defend against tooth decay. Today, the array of innovative cavity detection and treatment methods is impressive, yet cavities remain the number one disease among children. Research and experiments around the world are now geared toward attacking the formation of… Read more »

Syosset Dentist Advises—Pack Your Childrens’ School Lunches

Know What They’re Eating There is no end to the list of what most parents worry about while their children are at school. One common cause for worry is whether or not your child is eating properly while he/she is away from home for the day. Schools are required to provide the recommended amount of… Read more »