Month: September 2019

Does Your Oral Health Change as You Get Older?

Time can be either a friend or foe to your oral health. For instance, sticking to a strictly timed schedule of routine dental care can help you avoid most common dental health issues. However, if one develops, then waiting to see your dentist could give it plenty of time to grow worse. In a more… Read more »

Key Factors in Preventing or Treating Gum Disease

As you grow older, your risks for certain oral and overall health concerns can become increasingly higher. Gum disease (or periodontal disease) is one of those concerns, and if it’s allowed to develop, the resulting inflammation can have a significant impact on your oral health. Fortunately, preventing and treating gum disease is often more convenient… Read more »

Is It Past Time for Your Dental Cleaning?

Most people know that the recommended schedule for dental checkup and cleaning appointments is generally once every 3-4 months. In the absence of any pressing dental concern, like periodontal disease, this schedule (along with consistently good hygiene at home) helps ensure that your teeth and gums aren’t overwhelmed by harmful plaque and tartar. However, knowing… Read more »

3 Techniques to Deal with Common Toothache Causes

When you have a toothache and you aren’t sure what it means, the discomfort might not seem like an emergency if it isn’t too severe. The truth is, most toothaches have causes that shouldn’t be ignored. Otherwise, they’ll only grow worse over time, both in terms of discomfort and the affect on your overall oral… Read more »