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Common Questions About Preventive Care

From a young age and following into adulthood, you often hear many individuals telling you the importance of taking care of your smile, as well as the negative effects that arise when you do not. While you may be aware that excellent dental care starts at home with regular brushing and flossing, you may not… Read more »

Why It Is Necessary to Replace Lost Teeth

Oftentimes, adult tooth loss can be prevented or managed with appropriate oral health care and maintenance such as routine preventive care at home and attended regularly scheduled visits. In some circumstances, however, extraction or removal may be the only option when it comes to preserving the health of your grin. While that is the case,… Read more »

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3 Techniques to Deal with Common Toothache Causes

When you have a toothache and you aren’t sure what it means, the discomfort might not seem like an emergency if it isn’t too severe. The truth is, most toothaches have causes that shouldn’t be ignored. Otherwise, they’ll only grow worse over time, both in terms of discomfort and the affect on your overall oral… Read more »

Why Won’t Home Remedies Work for Bad Breath?

When dealing with consistently bad breath, you might be tempted to try all sorts of home remedies to try and eliminate it. Depending on the remedy itself and the source of your bad breath, some of them may provide a small amount of relief – at least, temporarily. However, for patients in Syosset who can’t… Read more »

A Refresher on Good Hygiene

One of the first things we teach our children about life is how to take care of their smiles with good daily hygiene. We not only show them how to brush and floss their teeth, but also to refrain from eating too much sugar at once and to stop sucking on their thumbs once they… Read more »

What Does Your Tooth Filling Look Like?

Tooth fillings are more common than many people realize. That’s because cavities affect over 90% of adults in America, and fillings are often the best and most effective way for treating them. The reason you might not notice them, however, is because many of today’s tooth fillings are no longer made from shiny metal amalgam,… Read more »

3 Important Advantages of Digital X-Rays

Your dentist’s goal isn’t just to make your smile the best it can be; it’s also to protect your oral and overall health in the long run. To that end, digital radiography has become an important advantage in dental healthcare, allowing doctors to provide safe, fast, and highly accurate images for more precise diagnoses. Compared… Read more »

Is Your Snoring Habit a Sign of a More Serious Dental Problem?

Are you tired of being kicked and nudged by your sleeping partner at night to stop your snoring? If so, it’s time to find out what’s behind your snoring habit with the help of a professional, and Long Island dentist Dr. Richard Kobak is the man for the job. Snoring vs. Sleep Apnea First things… Read more »