Common Questions About Preventive Care

Cheerful young woman with a toothbrush in her hand looking at herself in the mirrorFrom a young age and following into adulthood, you often hear many individuals telling you the importance of taking care of your smile, as well as the negative effects that arise when you do not. While you may be aware that excellent dental care starts at home with regular brushing and flossing, you may not necessarily understand the importance of attending your regular examinations and cleanings and what purposes they actually serve. In today’s blog, your Syosset, NY dentists at Syosset Dental look at common questions regarding your preventive routine and how best to achieve a lifelong smile.

Does My Routine Checkup Really Matter?

Absolutely! When you attend your regularly scheduled examination, your dentist will take care to thoroughly check for any potential harm that has been caused to your teeth and surrounding structures, including the gums, checks, throat and tongue. They look for signs of damage or decay, such as cavities, chipped or broken teeth, and more. Your dentist will also check for signs of abnormalities such as rough or discolored patches on the throat, tongue, and cheeks that may be indicators of oral cancer. While some of these indicators may be detectable at home, having a trained eye to take an in-depth look could make all the difference in preserving your oral health. In fact, it is recommended to attend a routine dental visit at least once every six months to ensure that larger dental concerns do not develop and can be addressed early on.

Is Flossing Necessary?

Yep! Many individuals are under the impression that they can maintain excellent oral health with just brushing alone, as it provides a thorough clean. In reality, however, regular brushing may not suffice when it comes to food or other debris that become lodged between teeth. In fact, when food gets caught between teeth near the gums, oral bacteria thrive on it and can continue to teem your gum lines, leaving way for future complications such as periodontal disease that can really impact your health. By flossing regularly, you are minimizing your chances of developing gum disease and keeping your smile in tip-top condition.

Great Habits at Home Mean Excellent Oral Health, Right?

The answer to this is: not necessarily. In fact, a myriad of factors contribute to your overall dental health, including diet, substance use, and more. While you may brush and floss regularly, drinking excessive amounts of coffee or eating large amounts of citrus can actually break down your protective layer of enamel at an alarming rate, causing tooth sensitivity and increased risk of infection. For more information about steps you can take at home, contact our team today.

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