What Does Your Tooth Filling Look Like?

what-does-your-tooth-filling-loook-likeTooth fillings are more common than many people realize. That’s because cavities affect over 90% of adults in America, and fillings are often the best and most effective way for treating them. The reason you might not notice them, however, is because many of today’s tooth fillings are no longer made from shiny metal amalgam, but rather from more discreet tooth-colored composite resin. A filling made from resin looks just like your natural tooth structure, allowing it to blend in with your smile discreetly rather than standing out noticeably.

How Tooth-Colored Fillings Are Made

The only difference between a metal filling and a resin one is the material used – but it makes all the difference in the world for your tooth’s long-term health. Instead of metal, composite resin is made of finely ground, biocompatible acrylic particles, which are custom-tinted to the specific color and hue of your tooth. Once in place, a tooth-colored resin filling can repair your tooth’s cavity, restore its strength and integrity, and preserve your smile’s naturally beautiful appearance.

More than Just Cosmetic Fillings

Having a filling that you know won’t show can encourage you to smile more confidently after treating your cavity, but it also goes a long way to protecting the tooth’s health and integrity in the long run. Initially, the resin is applied as a thick, viscous gel that conforms precisely to the shape of your cavity. Once the material is hardened, it retains its shape while adhering securely to your tooth for optimal results.