Recovering from Tooth Loss Better (with Implants)

With a greater understanding of how tooth loss occurs, people today have a much better chance at preventing it from happening. Nevertheless, it remains a significant concern for many patients, and recovering from it requires choosing the most lifelike prosthesis to replace lost teeth. In many cases, that option involves the support of one or more dental implants, which offer more comprehensive results by reestablishing the functions of your lost teeth roots.

The Visible Effects

The most noticeable effect of tooth loss is the empty space that it leaves in your smile. Visually, it can affect your confidence in your smile. Functionally, it can impact the alignment of your remaining teeth and the overall balance of your bite, which further diminishes your smile’s esthetic appeal, as well.

The Less Visible Effects

The art of addressing the visible effects of tooth loss has been a significant part of dentistry for ages. Today, lifelike bridges and dentures mimic healthy tooth structure so closely that they’re virtually indistinguishable. However, what’s less obvious is the effect that losing your teeth’s roots can have on your jawbone and surrounding oral structures. Without the stimulation these roots provided, your jawbone will receive fewer nutrients and begin to shrink over time.

How to Address These Effects

Custom-designed bridges and dentures are still the preferred option for replacing lost teeth. However, dentists often recommend supporting them on one or more dental implant posts, which replace the support and stimulation of your lost teeth roots. Implant posts are inserted into your jawbone in place of your lost roots. After your jawbone has healed to the posts, they can be used to support your custom crown, bridge, or denture while helping to preserve your jawbone’s integrity.

Learn More About Recovering from Tooth Loss

Given the many different effects that tooth loss can have on your smile, recovering from it is best achieved with dental implants, which replace the supportive roots of your lost teeth, as well. To learn more, schedule a consultation by calling Syosset Dental in Syosset, NY today at 516-433-2211 or 516-921-1678.