2 Reasons to Never Ignore a Toothache

2-reasons-to-never-ignore-a-toothacheIf your tooth hurts enough to disrupt your daily activities, like eating and drinking, then you might not hesitate to seek treatment at your dentist’s office as soon as possible. But if your tooth only feels a little sensitive and doesn’t throb or ache severely, then you might be tempted to write it off as a minor annoyance and pay it little or no mind. Whether mild or severe, there are several reasons why you should never ignore a toothache; otherwise, it’ll grow worse, and you’ll need more complex treatment to alleviate it.

The pain means something.

The first thing to always remember about a toothache is that the pain means something. Your tooth won’t spontaneously hurt without reason; although in some cases, the reason may be as minor as something stuck between your teeth. In any case, a toothache means that you need to do something, such as flossing your teeth to remove what’s stuck between them or visiting your dentist to treat a cavity.

Waiting will make it worse.

If you choose to do nothing about your toothache, then the consequences can be dire, and will depend on the exact nature and extent of your discomfort. For instance, if a cavity is forming in your tooth, then waiting will only allow the decay to infect more of your tooth. If your tooth has a crack or fracture, then the damage will grow more severe until the tooth is restored. The most important reason to never ignore your toothache is because doing so will only make the pain and the condition of your tooth worse.