Things to Think About Before Getting Your Dental Crown

Even in the most advanced forms of dentistry, many of the concepts that guide treatment have been around for centuries. For example, restoring teeth with dental crowns is one of the most traditional forms of restorative dentistry. A dental crown is a custom-designed restoration that’s crafted to match a tooth’s size, shape, contour, and appearance. Placing a crown over a cracked, broken, or otherwise compromised tooth can help restore the tooth’s ability to function without sustaining any further damage. However, ensuring the success of your restoration long after it’s been placed requires care and attention, which you should consider carefully before receiving your custom dental crown.

If your teeth need whitening, do it first

For many people who need dental treatment, a compromised tooth isn’t the only concern. For example, the rest of your teeth may have also become dull over time and can use teeth-whitening to brighten them. If so, then it may be best to brighten your teeth first, before having your dental crown placed. While closely mimicking the healthy, natural appearance of your teeth, a dental crown’s porcelain or zirconia surface won’t react to teeth-whitening treatment. However, it can be customized to match the new, brighter, and blemish-free appearance of your natural tooth structure after it’s undergone teeth-whitening treatment.

Make a smile care plan and stick to it

The good news about most modern dental crowns is that they’re lifelike enough to not need extensive additional care after they’ve been placed. If you continue brushing your teeth at least twice every day and flossing at least once, you’ll have a good chance of keeping the underlying tooth structure and rest of your healthy, natural teeth clean and free of disease. However, it’s important to remember that one of your teeth is capped with a crown, and things like food particles and oral bacteria may become trapped around or underneath it if your dental hygiene routine starts to lack. To ensure this doesn’t occur, or to catch it early if it does, be sure to visit your dentist at least once every six months (or as often as you’re recommended to) for routine checkup and cleaning appointments.

If you notice trouble, call us immediately

With excellent care at home and regular attention from your dentist, your smile and restoration have a much better chance of remaining healthy for life. That doesn’t mean you might not experience a dental emergency, or end up accidentally compromising your dental crown in some way. If you notice any signs of discomfort around the crown or in the tooth structure underneath it, then we advise scheduling an appointment as soon as possible, even if it isn’t time for your regular checkup and cleaning.

Restore your smile with a custom dental crown

Today’s dental crowns are customized to meet every patient’s unique needs, but before you receive one, talk to your dentist about what you can expect. To learn more, schedule a visit by calling Syosset Dental in Syosset, NY, today at 516-433-2211 or 516-921-1678.