Why You Need Your Dentist’s Help to Treat Your Toothache

Toothaches are common, and in many cases, the right home remedy can help you find temporary relief from one. However, those remedies are rarely effective in the long-term, and after a while, your toothache is likely to come back. That’s because toothaches are usually caused by some other underlying condition, and to relieve it, your dentist will have to treat that condition. For patients in Syosset, NY, permanent relief from a toothache begins with a careful examination to determine it cause, and then a custom-designed treatment plan to restore your good dental health.

Finding Out What Your Toothache Means

There are many potential reasons for your tooth to hurt. For instance, if the enamel around a tooth grows weak, the tooth structure underneath it will grow more sensitive. If the tooth develops a cavity, then that sensitivity could be more severe. In some cases, the aching may be because of unnoticed damage to your tooth’s structure. Stopping your toothache means restoring your tooth, and that first requires a careful examination from your dentist. Then, we can determine exactly what ails your tooth and which treatment option will work best for restoring it.

Treating Your Toothache Specifically

Like dealing with any dental issue, your specific treatment will have to be tailored to meet your specific needs. For instance, if your tooth is sensitive because your enamel is weak, then preventive measures like improved hygiene, more frequent checkups and cleanings, and fluoride treatments may help boost its strength. If you have a cavity, then you might also need a custom, tooth-colored filling to restore it and protect the tooth from further infection. Once your tooth has been restored, the toothache and other resulting symptoms will finally be alleviated.

Learn How to Permanently Relieve Your Toothache

To stop your toothache from coming back, you may need your dentist’s help to accurately diagnose and treat it. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling Syosset Dental in Syosset, NY today at 516-433-2211 or 516-921-1678.