What Tooth Bonding Can Do

what-tooth-bonding-can-doCosmetic tooth bonding is a conservative way to improve your smile without altering your healthy tooth structure. The material for bonding is known as composite resin, and is a mixture of biocompatible acrylic particles with a lifelike texture and appearance. The resin can be tinted to match your tooth’s unique color, bonded securely to the tooth’s surface, and then artfully sculpted to the tooth’s ideal size, shape, and contour. Tooth bonding can do wonders for your smile while minimizing the amount of cosmetic work needed.

Cover Stubborn Teeth Stains

Teeth-whitening is the go-to treatment for erasing teeth stains and brightening your smile. But sometimes, you may have one or more teeth with stains that are too stubborn for teeth-whitening, or that originate underneath the tooth’s enamel. For stubborn stains, bonding can improve the tooth’s color without having to alter the tooth to support a dental crown or veneer.

Rebuild Tooth Structure

Bonding is also frequently recommended for teeth that exhibit excessive wear, chipped or lightly cracked surfaces, or too much space between them. The realistic-looking resin can add to the tooth’s structure to fill the space, or build up the structure that’s been worn down or damaged.

Treat Cavities Discreetly

Because of its discreet appearance and ability to adhere securely to your tooth makes bonding a good alternative to metal fillings when treating cavities. Known as tooth-colored filings, the resin-based restorations not only blend in with your smile but also perform better in sealing off the tooth’s interior from harmful oral bacteria.