Root Canal Therapy Stops Tooth Pain

syosset root canal treatment

When a tooth is in regular pain, this could mean a severe case of tooth decay or even an infected tooth. Without treatment, you could risk the loss of the tooth altogether. To stop the aches and protect the tooth, your Syosset, NY, dentist could offer root canal therapy, a safe and conservative treatment.

Infections and Toothaches

When you have an infected tooth, you could notice sensitivity when you eat or drink, a prolonged toothache, or pain when you bite down or chew. Aches in the jaw could occur, as could headaches, swelling near the tooth, or a discharge from the tooth. If you experience one or more of these potential warning signs, you should let us know right away. A tooth becomes infected once bacteria make contact with the tooth’s inner pulp, which could occur due to an untreated cavity or even an injury that cracks or chips a tooth. Over enough time, this could mean the tooth essentially dies and requires extraction to keep infection from reaching other parts of your smile.

Treatment with a Root Canal

We could treat the issue with an endodontic treatment, one designed to address problems in the interior of a tooth. The root canal is a safe and comfortable procedure that helps treat infections and preserve teeth. After we numb the tooth, we can carefully open it to access and remove the tissues from within. Next, we clean the interior of the tooth and the root canals. A special restorative material known as gutta percha is then added to the interior. The last step is to cap the tooth with a dental crown, a restoration designed to look natural and also provide durable protection for the tooth.

Lowering Your Risk of an Infected Tooth

We can take steps to reduce our overall risk of cavities and infections. For example, start and end each day by brushing your teeth for two minutes. Be sure you use a fluoride toothpaste when you do! Every evening you also need to floss as well. Try to cut back on how much sugar and starch is in your diet, as this leaves behind particles for bacteria to break down, a major factor in the onset of plaque buildup and cavities. You should also see us for a checkup and cleaning every six months, so we can monitor your smile and take actions to prevent infected teeth. If you have any questions about how to treat these issues, then contact our team today to learn more.

Do You Have Questions About Treating an Infected Tooth?

Our team wants to help you avoid the major complications of an untreated case of dental infection. If you have questions about endodontic dental care, then contact our Syosset, NY dental office today at 516-433-2211.