Do You Have Questions About Teeth Whitening?

kobak teeth whitening (2)Over time, our teeth can become dulled due to unsightly discoloration. We often have people ask if they can brighten their smiles with over-the-counter strips, or possibly toothpastes or mouthwashes. The truth is, these options simply don’t offer the same dramatic and long lasting stain removal that professional teeth whitening does. Do you have questions about professional teeth whitening? Are you interested in obtaining a brighter smile?

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

Question: What causes teeth stains?

Answer: Several factors can lead to discoloration, such as smoking, sugary foods or drinks (which promote plaque buildup), or drinks with dark pigments (soda, coffee, red wine, tea). Before we recommend treatment, we will need to assess the cause and severity of your teeth stains. Once we do, we can prescribe the best option for removing discoloration from your smile.

Question: How does in-office teeth whitening work?

Answer: The procedure involves coating the teeth in a powerful bleaching gel, which is then activated with a light. The procedure removes stains in a single visit. However, there may be some tooth sensitivity with this treatment option.

Question: Can I brighten my smile from home?

Answer: Yes! We will create a custom-made set of trays and prescribe a bleaching gel. Each day, you will fill the trays with the gel and wear them for the amount of time the doctor recommends. Optimal results may take between a week and ten days, depending on the severity of your discoloration.

Question: How do I ensure my new results last?

Answer: By taking better care of your smile you can limit the severity of future teeth stains. First, make sure you see your dentist once every six months for a thorough cleaning. You should also brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day as recommended. Finally, cut back on foods or drinks that can cause discoloration, a healthy diet is good for both your smile and your overall health.